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Aiura Mikoto is a soothsayer, also known as an oracle. She is another love-interest of Kusuo's and constantly fights with Reita.


Aiura has the typical look of a gyaru with her blonde hair, overly decorated nails, accessories and her tanned skin color. She is mostly seen wearing her PK Academy uniform in a lax manner with the top opened and without her tie showing her cleavage.


Like Toritsuka, Aiura openly shows her psychic power to everyone and became popular in their class. However, she only takes a look at people's future if there's a payment which shows that she uses her powers for money. Due to her easy going personality, she seemed to have gotten the favor of Kusuo's grandmother, Kumi when she met her while the two coincidentally met on the gyaru shopping mall.


  • Her name Aiura Mikoto is actually a pun on “Ai Uramikoto”「命・卜・相」which is something along the lines of “love complaints” or maybe “love resent”. [1]


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